Updated: Jun 15

The dreaded writer's block. It can take hold of even the most prolific writer, reducing them to a sagging puddle of seething rage and impotence. Most of us have been there, but fortunately we have technology, and technology always fixes everything (right, comrade?)

So, here are 5 tools that can help you get over your block:


Gotta love it when the name of a thing tells you exactly what it is, right? Daily Page has a single goal, and that is to get you to write a page a day for the rest of your life. How they do this? Well, they send you a writing prompt every morning right to your inbox, so you can't miss it. For just $3.99/mo you can get:

  • Daily reminders delivered to your inbox.

  • Hundred of creative writing prompts.

  • Access to structured writing courses.

  • Writing stats and a personal writing score.

  • Distraction-free writing space.


ZenPen has to be one of the most beautiful, easy-to-use apps out there. It's just a clean white page for you to write in. Yeah, that's it. So, if distraction is a problem for you, then ZenPen can definitely help declutter your digital workspace.

Oh, and it's free!


Twinword has several interesting free and low-cost products out there, such as the key word generation tool, Twinword Ideas. But, for writers (especially content writers) Twinword Writer is a great tool for identifying how you can make your writing just a touch stronger. With keyword suggestions based on topic, you can ensure you've hit all your keyword targets, and the Tone Analyzer help you see how you're coming across to the reader. As of now, Twinword Writer is free and super simple to use.


As we all know, writing a little bit everyday is a tremendous way to not only get your work in progress done, but to also build some good habits. This is the genesis for the stupid simple site, 750 Words. Just set up an account, and then sit down and write out 750 words (approx. 3 pages) everyday, and watch your writing talent soar. It also comes with some really helpful features that analyze your writing style and what sort of mood your word choices suggest about your mood.

So, there you have it! 4 beautiful (and free!) tools to help you write more clearly and get over writer's block. If you'd like more articles like this delivered right to your inbox, sign up for the My Book Sucks newsletter.


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