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At risk of getting all social media 101 on y'all, hashtags are one of the most important connecting features on several important social media platforms, most notably on the extremely writer-friendly Twitter.

One way to think of hashtags is that they are like little conversation signifiers. If you want to join in a conversation, just use the hashtag for that particular convo and wham! you're no theoretically open to response from Twitter's entire 126 million users. If you don't want to participate in the convo, then don't use a hashtag. Generally speaking, it's that simple.

So, what hashtags are the best ones for writers to use on Twitter?


The granddaddy of them all is the #WritingCommunity hashtag, which is a sort of catch-all for all writing-related tweets. This is a great hashtag to use for both promoting your writing-related tweets, but also finding other writers to follow, learn from, and connect with.


This is another really common hashtag. For the longest time, I thought that it was for those who write in the morning...but I was...ummm...confused. It's a catch all hashtag for those who're working on their latest work in progress (#wip). It's a highly flexible hashtag, since you can also add your genre to the end to get a little more specific on the convo you're looking to join. For instance, I'm partial to the #amwritinghorror hashtag, you know, because I'm a horror writer.


So, apparently Twitter is changing their rules this year to punish the sort of follower growing shenanigans that #WriterLift is designed for, but so far I don't see the trend slowing down anytime soon. #WriterLift is a hashtag used to let y'all know that the post is an opportunity to meet new writers, get found, and plug your latest work. It's an open invitation so there's no shame in self-promotion. Lately, Writer Lifts have been getting more creative, focusing on answering writing questions, or simply soliciting GIFs. Twitter may not be happy with them, but they're still a ton of fun.


This hashtag is exactly what it says it is. A variation on the Writer Lift, Shameless Self Promo is a big follow train designed to connect writers to other published works they might not have found otherwise. Look for this hashtag on Saturdays when the variant #ShamelessSelfPromoSaturday takes off.

So, this is hardly an exhaustive list of the biggest Twitter hashtags for writers, but these ones are good for getting started. So, get out there and start hashtagging the heck out of your Twitter posts. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Oh, and if I forgot any, let me know in the comments.

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